Confession 4 : I Got Hurt.

Hearing that I am such a lazy person, an ugly duckling, a messy person, too boyish, too skinny, you know what, you’re the last person I hope to hear it from. I know I don’t have pretty face. I know my body is too skinny. I know I do everything in my way, and make my surrounding so messy. I know the tip of my nails often get dirty out of no where. I know inside of my car is full of trash and empty bottle. I know the outside of my car is so full of dust because my house doesn’t have a parking lot so I park it outdoor at the market. I know I look bad by wearing jeans just because I feels so comfortable. I know I’m ugly.

And I’m sorry for that.

I’m sorry that I’m ugly as fuck.

I’m sorry that I love to wear clothes that makes me comfortable.

I’m sorry that my house is not big enough to park my car inside it.

I’m sorry that I love to rest and toss everything just because I feels so tired every day because of works, and doesn’t have time for putting back everything in places.

I’m sorry that I rather to take a rest at my day off rather than cleaning up my car.

I’m sorry that I love to rest to spend my time rather than doing anything.

I’m sorry that I comfortable on being me, that I forgot, that I didn’t met your standard.

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Confession 3: What Breaks Up Taught Me About Anything

I know you will probably never see this. And if, by chance you do, it will probably be ages from now. This is the only way for me to get whatever I want to say off my chest. I would give all of my life to explain everything to you, but I know you’ll never sees the means in it at all.

This also might be get to you in the wrong way.

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Confession 2: I Always Thought That I Could Lose You Too

Hai Nu.

This is weird. After all the time that I pushed you away, after all the rejections you get from me, I still don’t get it why did you tried really hard to get back on me. After I clearly told you that you should still be with your previous girl, why did you still choose to let her go and then tried to chase me. A troublesome girl. A girl that you barely knows. A girl, with weird past relationship. A girl that is so easily get depressed. A girl that everybody labeled as wild, bad influence, naught, and even trashy.

And then, I realized. I’ve come to fall for you.

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